New to Revival Center Church?

For too long, too many Christians have thought that the main goal of finding a church is to attend one you ‘like.’ The goal should be to fully engage. Engaged people are passionate people. They know what the mission is. They serve in it. They live it out. They’re passionate enough about it to invite their friends. Only God can bring growth, but he uses people who are engaged to do it. Fully engaged Christians will advance the mission and never stay the same.

We are a Pentecostal Church of God that has a mission to serve the Children, the Poor, and the Saints. Chances are – you fit into one or more of those. So, our mission is to serve you, wherever you are at.

We are here to be a blessing to the Children.
And we do it each Sunday with faithful teachers who prepare powerful lessons for our children.

We are here to be a blessing to the Poor
And we do it weekly through our community food pantry with food and clothing and preaching the Word.

We are here to bless the Saints.
We teach and preach and pray for the saints. We visit the sick and provide comfort during seasons of loss. We dedicate babies, marry couples, and baptize new converts. We have special days and events that provide opportunities fellowship and fun for saints of all ages.

We also seek to grow a church of passionate, fully engaged people who are driven to
serve others while serving the Lord. We each have a unique set of abilities coupled with flavorful backgrounds that both help to connect with others while advancing the mission.

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